Blue Danube
Rhine Princess

Renovated in 1992, the ship has been completely re-designed to offer the highest possible standards of accommodation, while tasteful new furnishings and decor retain much of the ship's elegant old-world charm. There is no mistaking the beautiful Rhine Princess for any other ship on the river as she gracefully and confidently rounds each bend. Cruising principally on the river Rhine between Holland and Switzerland, the Rhine Princess can accommodate a maximum of 118 persons.

We are proud to include this ship, built in 1997, which was deliberately designed to mirror the refined style of the elegant Rhine Princess, offering the same high standards of cabin accommodation, public areas and service. It also has the added convenience of chair lifts, Sauna and Spa, a Golf simulator, and a fitness room. As her name implies, the Blue Danube III cruises the Danube River from Budapest, in Hungry, to Regensburg, with occasional excursions to the Rhine/Main/Danube Canal. The Blue Danube is slightly larger than her sister, the Rhine Princess, and can accommodate a maximum of 144 persons.

The Rhine River is the greatest entertainer of all European Rivers. It belongs to the romantics; as the heart always beats just a little faster on the Rhine, a region celebrated in songs and poems by German, English, and French writers. The Rhine also belongs to the connoisseur. Gourmets and lovers of good drink love the Rhine, whose wine has made it famous throughout the world. And the Rhine belongs to the curious, sometimes called "flowing history", the historical records of the land by the river date back as far as the Romans. Cathedrals, abbeys, and chapels, castles and palaces, monasteries and secular buildings, all bear witness, even today, to the splendor of the Rhine. Finally, the Rhine belongs to the vacation addict. You might as well through your watch into the river when you meet the Rhine. From the mountains with forests and castles, the slopes and hills with vines, to the fertile river meadows, there is always another breathtaking sight in store, just around the next bend.

Feudal castles, Baroque cathedrals, and a piece of the story of Western Civilization has been left along the Danube by every imaginable culture in Europe. Therefore, much of the soul of European history lies along the banks of the Danube River. With its origins deep in the Black Forest region of Germany and reaching some 1600 miles to the Black Sea, each stop along the Danube is a feast for not only the mind but the soul as well. There is no better way to see, feel, and hear the history of Europe, than on the river Strauss named his world famous waltz for – The "Blue Danube".

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