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Budapest to Regensburg below

Embark on board the "RHINE PRINCESS" at Amsterdam during the afternoon. At night enjoy our Dutch-themed "Welcome Aboard" Dinner. Spend your first night in exciting Amsterdam.

Sail through the harbor locks and into the inland sea of the Markermeer for a morning stop in the 14th century port of Volendam. Visitors love the colorful town with its wealth of little shops, bakeries and typically Dutch handicrafts. After lunch you arrive at the old fishing port of Enkhuizen, home of the fascinating Zuyder Zee Museum. Your overnight stop is at the historic Hanseatic town of Kampen, set beside the river IJssel.

Float by the winding River IJssel, through a lovely Dutch landscape, to the town of Arnhem, famous for its WW II past. Savor the afternoon by strolling the parks, gardens and shopping district of this charming town. Sailing in the early evening from Arnhem, you will soon cross the German border and cruise through the night past the industrial heart of the Ruhr.

The landmark spire of the majestic cathedral announces your arrival at the gorgeous city of Cologne. The beauty of the Rhine valley unfolds as the cruise continues past Bonn, the resort of Köningswinter, and the Seven Mountains, to arrive in the wine town of Koblenz for your overnight stop. Due to heavy wartime damage, the city has largely been rebuilt. However, the quayside Old Town retains its historic atmosphere.

A highlight of your cruise will be the dramatic scenery of the Rhine Gorge, through which we you will pass today. Steep vineyard slopes crowned by imposing castles, picturesque wine villages, and the legendary Lorelei, offer a succession of scenic delights. You will arrive at the lively Rhine Valley resort of Rüdesheim after lunch, with plenty of time to sample the many tourist attractions.

Pass the city of Mainz and arrive in the old-world town of Speyer. This old imperial city became a bishopric in the 7th century, and the cathedral with its six towers is one of the world's finest examples of Romanesque architecture. A section of Old Town's medieval city wall still survives a short walk from its modern main street lined with picturesque shops and cafes.

Beyond Karlsruhe the river marks the border of Germany and France, and your next sightseeing stop is Strasbourg, the proud capital of Alsace, with its distinctive French character. The Petite France area, the spectacular cathedral and the Old Tanner's Quarter are favorites with travelers. During the Gala five-course Captain's Dinner, the cruise continues upstream toward Switzerland.

After passing through several great locks of the upper Rhine, arrive at the Swiss border city of Basel, set beneath the towering Alps. Disembark after breakfast.

Sailing Dates and Cruise Fares
Departure Dates 1999
Prices 1999
RP 818 05-23 / 05-30 Amsterdam - Basel
RP 819 05-30 / 06-06 Basel - Amsterdam
RP 820 06-06 / 06-13 Amsterdam - Basel
RP 821 06-13 / 06-20 Basel - Amsterdam
RP 822 06-20 / 06-27 Amsterdam - Basel
RP 823 06-27 / 07-04 Basel - Amsterdam
RP 824 07-04 / 07-11 Amsterdam - Basel
RP 825 07-11 / 07-18 Basel - Amsterdam
RP 826 07-18 / 07-25 Amsterdam - Basel
RP 827 07-25 / 08-01 Basel - Amsterdam

RP 829 08-08 / 08-15 Amsterdam - Amsterdam*
RP 830 08-15 / 08-22 Amsterdam - Basel

RP 832 08-29 / 09-05 Amsterdam - Basel
RP 833 09-05 / 09-12 Basel - Amsterdam
RP 834 09-12 / 09-19 Amsterdam - Basel
RP 835 09-19 / 09-26 Basel - Amsterdam
RP 836 09-26 / 10-03 Amsterdam - Basel

Rhine Deck (Aft) $1,300.00
Rhine Deck $1,395.00
Moselle Deck $1,545.00
Panorama Cabin $1,750.00
Promende Deck $1,690.00
Suite $2,475.00

All prices are per person in US dollars,
Based on double occupancy.

* - Please ask for special rates and itinerary on these cruises

Embark on board the "BLUE DANUBE", moored in the heart of Budapest, in time for a Cocktail Welcome Reception and dinner. Your first evening and night is spent here, with all the city center attractions close at hand.

Spend the morning at Budapest with the opportunity to take a guided City Tour. This elegant city spans the Danube for eight miles. Seven bridges connect the ancient city of Buda on the right-bank with the more modern left-bank Pest. The ship sails at noon, cruising through the scenic area known as the Danube Bend during the afternoon. The river marks the border of Hungary and Slovakia in the evening, as your cruise continues overnight towards Austria.

By morning, pass Slovakia's new capital Bratislava, crossing the border into Austria and arriving in Vienna. The afternoon and evening is spent here, with time to explore some of the city's many tourist highlights, or to join our afternoon and evening excursions. Your "must see" list should include the city's landmark St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Schönbrunn Palace, which served as the summer residence of Empress Maria Theresa and the Hapsburgs, the 12th century castle of Liechtenstein and the old Roman spa of Baden.

Sail in the early morning from Vienna to arrive at Durnstein, a delightful little town set amidst the romantic Wachau, an area of historic castles, vineyards and picturesque riverside villages. After a mid-morning sightseeing stop, continue onward during luncheon to Melk. You will have an opportunity to visit this town, dominated by an imposing Abbey.

This morning finds us sailing through the now tamed Strudengau, which was once a dangerous stretch of river with rapids and whirlpools, arriving at the city of Linz. You will have the entire afternoon to explore this amazing city.

Sail in the early morning from Linz and through the beauty of northern Austria, you will reach the Bavarian border city of Passau after lunch. Celebrated for its "Italianate" architecture, Passau's old town invites exploration.

The afternoon and evening is spent in this ancient Roman city with its cobblestone streets and graceful arcades, Regensburg. This city escaped destruction during WW II and has spectacular examples of medieval to modern architecture. You have time to explore its ancient alleyways and perhaps to discover a friendly pub in the evening. The final night on board is spent here enjoying the gala five-course Captain's Dinner

Disembark at Regensburg after breakfast for your return journey home. Alternatively, let us arrange an extended cruise holiday for you with ample time to enjoy Switzerland.

Sailing Dates and Cruise Fares
Departure Dates 1999
Prices 1999
BL 802 05-15 / 05-29 Amsterdam - Budapest*
BL 805 06-12 / 06-19 Budapest - Regensburg
BL 806 06-19 / 06-26 Regensburg - Budapest
BL 807 06-26 / 07-02 Budapest - Budapest*
BL 808 07-02 / 07-08 Budapest - Budapest*
BL 809 07-08 / 07-15 Budapest - Regensburg
BL 810 07-15 / 07-23 Regensburg - Trier*
BL 811 07-23 / 07-31 Trier - Regensburg*
BL 813 08-07 / 08-14 Budapest - Regensburg
BL 814 08-14 / 08-21 Regensburg - Budapest
BL 815 08-21 / 08-28 Budapest - Regensburg
BL 816 08-28 / 09-04 Regensburg - Budapest
BL 817 09-04 / 09-11 Budapest - Regensburg
BL 818 09-11 / 09-18 Regensburg - Budapest
BL 819 09-18 / 09-25 Budapest - Regensburg
BL 820 09-25/ 10-02 Regensburg – Budapest
Strauss Deck $1,625.00
Mozart Deck $1,905.00
Promenade Deck $2,195.00
Suite $3,290.00

All prices are per person in US dollars,
Based on double occupancy.

* - Please ask for special rates and itinerary on these cruises

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